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The Coolest Person in Birmingham

Coolify me

Things to do when visiting Birmingham

Definitely hang out with Cedric Ly, he’s a fine guy. Funny too.

Requirements to hang out with Cedric Ly

To be able to hang out with the coolest person in Birmingham, aka Cedric Ly, you MUST understand sarcasm, be quick-witted and have the physical endurance to withstand never-ending laughs.

Bonus points:

You get bonus points if your name is Dani, Floriana, Chyler, Chloe, Elizabeth, Odette or Iain.

You get 10X more points if your name is Alycia Debnam-Carey.


If you do not meet those requirements, be prepared to not understand 95% of what Cedric says, think you’re hanging out with a crazy person and have people judge you for it.

Other than that, buckle in, you’re in for a hell of a ride 😉

Wanna hang out? Just ask, you silly